Castell de Santueri

The last restoration of the Castle (2010-2011)

The latest interventions of some entity made ​​in the castle that are documented in the Archive of the Kingdom of Mallorca are of the fifteenth century. Then, the sources mention occasional minor works. Since the sixteenth century, the castle was falling gradually, coinciding with the loss of strategic value. The description we have of him in the nineteenth century, from written and graphic sources, is of a completely abandoned.

After hundreds of years of decline, however, in 1966, ownership of Santueri asked the  "Diputación Provincial", a local authority of Mallorca, an intervention in a stretch of ramparts on the facade of the castle. It was carried out, along with others interventions, such as i.e. the consolidation of the Homage's Tower base. It was also crucial the public cession, by the Santueri's ownership, of the required land that allowed the construction of the existing road to the castle.

During the years 2010-2011, the property held a major intervention in Santueri Castle, the greater it has experienced since the sixteenth century, consisting of the most urgent consolidation actions. In addition, and as a necessary extension, new interventions of consolidation and restoration were done. All of them, with a totally private investment of around € 400,000, were made under the direction of the Santueri Castle's multidisciplinary team (an architect, a technical architect, an archaeologist, two restoratives, and an art historian), coordinated by the architect Mr Rafael Balaguer Prunés, and with continuous oversight and approval of technical staff from the Heritage Council of Mallorca. It was noticeable the technical difficulty ─even with today's technology─, for the installation of large scaffoldings, for the restoration of the cavalier towers and the rampart located between them,  since, precisely, and to better defend the castle, those elements were formerly built in areas of very difficult access.

The restoration process, along with scientific archaeological excavation's campaigns, will be kept constantly in time.

Below, some of the interventions made are shown. We can emphasize that, according to the criteria indicated by Heritage technicians, in the restoration has been followed the principle under which prevails, when appropriate, the general objective of a historical record of each element, avoiding mimicry, thus enabling and making possible its reading in the monument in the future.