Castell de Santueri


F: Southwest stretch of ramparts and cavalier towers

The southwest stretch of ramparts (a), of almost 17 m in length, serves as a nexus between the castle's main frontage and the two quadrangular cavalier towers. Unfortunately, it has lost all the battlements and the guarding pass is deteriorated. The poor state of conservation that had it , prompted a consolidation intervention  all over the outside in 1969.

  • The first cavalier tower (b), has an overall height of over 12 m, while in the interior of the castle is less than 6 m. Its limestone walls have overall dimensions of 3.4 m x 3.6 m and a thickness of 0.8 m. Architecturally, responds to a robust construction that has some very well-crafted construction details, such as external corners made with blocks of sandstone, the inside of the tower, also lined with sandstone blocks, and the two access openings located in the entrance floor and the upper floor, with jambs and lintels carefully treated. Inside, there would be three floors:  the ground level, another one coinciding with the current level and a third one at higher altitudes. Currently, you can see the corbels inserted in the wall that would support the overhangs on the third floor.
  • The second cavalier tower (c), joined with the previous one with a stretch of wall (d) of about 14 meters, on which rests the castle's main cistern (e), has only three sides, with a similar constructive  realization than the previous one. In them you can see the remains of both loopholes. The external height is about 6 m. Recently, in 2011, the rampart and the towers, particularly the (c) tower were the subject of a major repair operation.

Some authors have wanted to see in the square shapes of these towers an Islamic origin, although the lack of information does not allow us to confirm this.