Castell de Santueri

D: Wood stove and "Castellà" ’s chamber 

In this area you can see different elements: 

  • First, attached to the wall and circular, we found the remains of a wood stove. Although it presents deteriorated,  inside you can appreciate its construction in stone and mortar and ceramics remains. With the currently absence of an archaeological study, it’s difficult to establish their origin, though it could be one of the few preserved examples of medieval oven in the island. The written sources cited, from 1321, a bread oven as last reparation was performed in 1542. It has documented that the oven was inside a house, under roof. This element was intended for food management of the troop, so do not be surprising to be next to the kitchen units, although this have not been preserved.
  • Then, you can see the so-called "chamber of the Castellà", a very important person in the history of the castle, as he fulfilled the functions of governor or attendant. This stay, attached to a stretch of the main front wall, holds the remains of a vault dating back to 1465, numerous loopholes ─arrow slits in the wall─  and a vertical void in the ‘matacán’ that connects to the machicolation door. It is in this area, which we now observe a gap in the wall, where even mid-nineteenth century stood a shield that would preside over the entrance to the castle. Unfortunately, the causes, date of disappearance, and the reasons therein represented are unknown.