Castell de Santueri

  G: Room with terraced cisterns

The set consists of three elements:  the remains of a room (a) and two tanks (b) and (c) attached to the back wall. 

  • The room (a), of 18.70 m long and 6 m wide, made ​​of limestone with presence of the Opus Spicatum technique, has three openings in the wall looking outside the compound. The cover, which is not retained, it would be at a slope. The room has a dilapidated state, preventing to know its original function, although it was probably used for storage of food or shelter for the troops. This item has been significantly involved in the restoration of 2010-2011.
  • The two tanks (b) and (c), terraced to the room’s rear section, form part of the castle’s hydraulics aforementioned. They are built with uncut stone, joined by mortar, and most likely would connect through conduits with a third cistern located above them. In this way the leftover water could be used, if existed.