Castell de Santueri

J: Northeast rampart and tower


Delimiting the area of the castle there is a stretch of wall about 150 m in length, barely visible from the way, as it is located below the level of the platform. Attached to it, we find the tower farthest from the entrance of the castle, with a size of 4.40 m by 2.70 m,  built in limestone, with well-crafted lines of Opus Spicatum. This structure is formed by three walls, so it is open to the interior of the castle. You can see the holes where the beams were introduced, that would support the wood floor and would be accessed from stairs of wood.

This tower is an example of a type of defensive structure appearing in Europe in the twelfth century.

In the file of Royal Heritage (Palma) shows that  in April 1348, was rebuilt one of the corners of the tower, destroyed by lightning.

In the upper part of this area there are some interesting elements that would form part of the whole hydraulic system. Among them we can highlight a dry stone structure that collected water from a well about four feet deep supplied from natural streams. We can also cite two connected cisterns, one of which subsequently was adapted as a barn. These elements will be introduced in the itinerary as soon as they are investigated, more information will be provided and its visitor's access will enabled.