Castell de Santueri



Donations for the Santueri Castle's restoration

Recently (2010-2011) the most damaged parts of the castle have been consolidated and restored, which has led to  castle's private ownership to  an investment of around € 400,000. We are looking to work continously in this laborious and expensive process of intervention and restoration and also in the investigation of the castle from the point of view of science and archeology.
If you want to contribute financially and altruistically 
to this project, we offer how. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Remember that Santueri Castle is a Spain's Cultural Monument:

(Registro General de Bienes de Interés Cultural del Estado with code  R-I-51-0008421) and, in Spain, these donations have tax relief. 


So, we offer to you three options:

A) Donate using your PayPal account or  Credit Card 

B) Through a bank transfer to:

Gestió Cultural Castell de Santueri CB 

CIF:  E57828212

IBAN number: ES42 2056 0000 6110 0017 7327

Bank: Colonya-Caixa Pollença

Pl. Major, 7

07460 Pollença.



C) Other

If you want to contribute in another way, please feel free to contact us using the following form:

  • * campos obligatorios

  • This donation is altruistic. It makes no consideration for part of the property of the castle, except its commitment to destine it to restoration and conservation.
  • Diese Spende ist uneigennützig. Dabei spielt es keine Rücksicht auf ein Teil des Vermögens des Schlosses, das Ziel außer ihr Engagement für die Restaurierung und Konservierung.
  • Aquesta donació és altruista. No suposa cap contraprestació per part de la propietat del castell, excepte el seu compromís de destinar-la a la restauració i conservació del mateix.
  • Esta donación es altruista. No supone ninguna contraprestación por parte de la propiedad del castillo, excepto su compromiso de destinarla a la restauración y conservación del mismo.




 Els Nostres Objectius

 Nuestros Objetivos

Our Aims

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  • Want to contribute to the Santueri Castle's restoration? Have a look!


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